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Locs, Twists, and Natural Hair Care

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Hair Styling & Braiding in Detroit, Michigan

For perfect hair styling and braiding in Detroit, Michigan, you can't beat From The Root (Ethnic Hair Salon). We take pride in our natural hair care and personable customer service. Come find your new personal stylist today.

Smiling Woman, Hair Styling & Braiding in Detroit, MI


The process of combining hair into long locs can be very time consuming. They start short and gradually grow in. Whether you need loc extensions, repairs, or maintenance, we do it all. Procedures depend on the customer's hair. If you have advanced locs, it is recommended that you keep them maintained with us every 3–4 weeks to clean them and keep formation. Starter locs may need this every 2 weeks.


These include single twists or double. The procedure manipulates the hair to form a curly or 2-strand style. Twists can be done on any hair length over 1 inch. It takes time for the twists to stay in place, and customers generally come in every 3–4 weeks to keep the twists looking good.


We do individual or corn row braids. Come in and choose your style today. Feel free to bring a picture of the right braid style, and we'll imitate it. The natural hair must be at least 1 inch. For soft texture, the hair needs to be 3–4 inches long.


This hairstyle is applied just as we do in a weave to form celebrity styles. It usually takes about 3 hours to complete. Come in about once a month afterwards to keep it fresh. The second visit usually takes less than 30 minutes and includes a 90-day money back guarantee for celebrity style afros.

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